Welcome to ChimDingo professional consultancy section. ChimDingo offers boutique personal Management Consultancy in a number of specialist areas that compliment each other covering Business, Personal & Lifestyle arenas. Your business is only as good as your people; nurture them.

Note: Brian, the President & founder, is on Interim Management Assignments in the GSM Telecommunications & ICT industry, worldwide. Professional services either in a full or part-time capacity are not on offer until he relocates permanently to Latin America plus takes on local staff but a brief overview is provided now for future purposes. This is Plan C if I don’t get a corporate job when I am ready to live in Panama or after I retire from the normal corporate life.

Brian Heath, MBA Macq, President, ChimDingo Inc.
Interim Management
ChimDingo can provide interim management resourcing on a short or longer term basis to cover a range of business situations, cover gaps in recruiting, illness, exit of senior employees, to manage headcount restrictions or budget constraints. ChimDingo currently can cover General Management, Information Technology, Program & Project Management, Process Re-engineering, Quality, Strategic Human Resource & Knowledge Management.

“A successful global manager will have to possess a complex amalgamation of technical, political, social, organisational & cultural competencies beyond those found in many of the expatriates of the past.” (Barlett,1986; Bartlett & Ghosal, 1994/97) ".

Selecting Expatriates for Increasingly Complex Global Assignments (Michael Harvey & Milorad M. Novicevic, Career Development International Vol 6 Number 2 2001 pp. 69-87 MCB University Press ISSN 1362-0436).
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