Welcome to ChimDingo professional consultancy section. ChimDingo offers boutique personal Management Consultancy in a number of specialist areas that compliment each other covering Business, Personal & Lifestyle arenas. Your business is only as good as your people; nurture them.

Note: Brian, the President & founder, is on Interim Management Assignments in the GSM Telecommunications & ICT industry, worldwide. Professional services either in a full or part-time capacity are not on offer until he relocates permanently to Latin America plus takes on local staff but a brief overview is provided now for future purposes. This is Plan C if I don’t get a corporate job when I am ready to live in Panama or after I retire from the normal corporate life.

Brian Heath, MBA Macq, President, ChimDingo Inc.
Life Coaching
Some say you can’t write unless you have lived it. The same holds true for mentoring or advising people I believe. It has to be based on your own valid personal experiences of your journey through life, delivered on a sincere personal level & not the evangelistic style of delivery or hype & not viewed purely as a wealth creation exercise; it’s about making a difference. ChimDingo programs will be based as much as possible on practical “hands on” delivery as well as the structured planning. Being involved in the experience like this will grow not only you but us as well. If your personal life is more fulfilled you may also be happier at work or make changes in your job. It’s a benefit for employers to have contented staff, so it is seen as a complimentary activity to business, not a threat.

This isn’t a start-up business fad for me. I have had to create & live my own lifeplan out of what was the chaos & directionless of my early years to achieve what I have so far & what I wish to achieve in the future. I’m not famous or even well known. I’m just an ordinary bloke who overcame a poor beginning, some set-backs & difficulties but who never lost hope of making something out of my life & always relied on my intuition when faced with life changing decisions. For someone who is basically shy or lacked self-esteem I find it quite surprising reflecting on my past now, when I compare my experiences to others who had a more fortunate start in life or seemed to have “it together” more than me; I really did some crazy & amazing things but often you don’t see it that way at the time.

Until I set-up a consultancy, after my current professional career, to take on clients, I will be concentrating on my writings & publishing on this website various motivational articles, speeches, excerpts from life experiences, some of my own lifeplan & start a few personal “pet” projects I always wanted to do i.e. children’s books. I may take on a few clients part-time gratis on a voluntary basis.

I was really humbled to receive the “Ray Leighton Inspirational Shield 2002 (Inspires Others by Deeds, Actions & Conduct)” by my surf club. I hope to pass this & other experiences onto to you & this website is also a “living” lifeplan to follow.

Mindmap Panama Lifeplan BRH.

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