Brand & Logo Information
ChimDingo Brand Essence

Statement: ChimDingo welcomes & entices you to explore your curiosity, consider your dreams, aspirations & alternate life & work directions to find your version of abundance with a little inspiration & mentoring.

ChimDingo Name: ChimDingo derives its name from nickname amalgamation & there is inspiration from Australian spirit & values. It also rolls off the tongue nicely; it’s catchy & strong.

Slogan 1: Alternate Directions
Work & Life are intrinsically linked to success & happiness but are often neglected as a combination to be considered together. Corporate demands can often conflict with your personal values system. Finding the balance & convincing individuals & corporations that there is a different way & a win/win situation in exploring & encouraging both pursuits is the challenge & basis for ChimDingo existence. These new approaches or Alternate Directions are what this is all about! Whatever happened to FUN at work!

Slogan 2: One Crazy Dream
Ole! Don’t die wondering or unfulfilled. All the dreams, good you want to achieve & creative ideas you have or had when you were younger or older, no matter how small & for various reasons haven’t happened yet, do something positive about realizing at least one of them; a change, volunteering, a skill or a hobby that really matters to you will transform your life no matter how rich or poor you are. Also use this as an opportunity to make a difference. Do go through your life & have something to show for it or to be remembered by at the end. Do rise above the lowest level people want to drag you down to. Do soar to those heights & dreams; set your goals, do that life plan! It is never too late!

Primary & Secondary Brand Imagery / Logo Elements

ChimDingo Logo Iconography: Boomerangs that link to the concept of alternate directions & clapsticks that set the rhythm of change constitute key elements of the design, signifying the Australian connection & fit well calligraphy wise. When you throw a boomerang it can travel in alternate directions but if you throw it in the right way it will return to you; depends what outcome you desire.

Stylized Dingo: The smiling Dingo with a tilted head embodies taking a positive cheerful inquisitive view of Life & situations but adapting to the alternatives on the journey.

Paw Print: The paw-print signifies “stamping your mark” or putting your “personal footprint” on whatever you undertake.

Secondary Imagery: Trim – Mola/Paw-Print Design Integration

Australian or Aboriginal iconography is instantly recognisable & represents a connection with the natural earth & the spiritual dreamtime and hence ChimDingo has added a Kuna style Mola design element to signify the link with Panama as it has a good fit with ideals, nature, connection & balance; the modern with the ancient as we can learn many lessons from this. It will be used to embellish designs, stationery & promotional items.

Corporate Image: Colour Scheme

The blend of colours is earthy, warm, vibrant but strong & brings out the subtle Australian ochres & vivid Panamanian textures. Orange is associated with the tropics or the outback & can be connected with fascination, creativity & determination. Yellow is associated with the sun & it can be connected with happiness, intelligence & energy. Dark Blue is associated with the ocean & can be connected with depth, stability, trust & confidence. All attributes that ChimDingo wishes to promote.

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