Social Aims
Have you ever given something back to anyone or any organisation that has assisted you in your life or simply volunteered to help someone less fortunate than yourself?

It is both a rewarding & humbling experience & provides tremendous satisfaction. No-one should forget their humanity no matter their circumstances; giving of your time or putting a smile on someone’s face from even a small gesture or token of appreciation costs very little & brightens someone’s day. It makes a difference & I’d like to be remembered for making a difference. Australians are one of the greatest nations in the world per capita of population for volunteering at home & abroad.


is committed individually from staff & as a company to ensure they give something back & contribute both in time, programs & financially to recognised charities, the communities in which they conduct business & sponsoring under-privileged children. ChimDingo will post details of ongoing initiatives as they come on stream. The President has assisted orphans in the Acapulco area in Mexico in the past. ChimDingo has a dream to set-up its own orphanage near the ocean in Latin America one day.

ChimDingo, when fully operational, will offer complimentary programs to people who can’t afford our services & in the interim will sponsor orphan’s or street children’s education.

Recently ChimDingo donated a Surf Rescue board to Manly Lifesaving Club in Sydney, Australia in recognition of the training & time that members put into the President’s personal development that helped him gain confidence in skills he never thought he could achieve & ultimately led to saving people’s lives. ChimDingo will continue to support Manly LSC & its wonderful members.

Keep Your Community Beautiful - ChimDingo is committed to encouraging individuals & communities to keeping their environments tidy & beautiful. Example:


Smoke Free - ChimDingo is strongly anti-smoking & seeks to discourage young people from taking up this addictive, health affecting & anti-social habit; there is nothing glamorous about it at all. Say No to Smoking! ChimDingo is committed to providing safe, smoke-free environments & will only employ non-smoking staff.

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