President's Message
Wow, this is definitely one crazy dream come true!

To see your dreams converted into tangible ideas & out there in the public domain on your own site, not a popular social networking site; scary but a good way to force you to get your act or life in order & plan for the future to control your own destiny. I gained tremendous satisfaction from designing the logo myself & feel connected to it.

If you’ve ever despaired about - your personal situation, being poor with few opportunities, being lucky to have more opportunities but don’t know what to do with them, where your life is going, how you are going to change it for the better in even a small way, why no-one seems to listen or care at work, if you’re in business & you wonder why staff aren’t engaged or motivated or you believe that there must be a better way, explore further; I assure you there is! If you want something badly enough you’ll do whatever is required to achieve it ethically either personally or in business, it’s about being brave enough to accept a challenge or admit you need to change.

Putting the individual first is a considered choice on this website as people are the most valuable asset of any personal or business endeavour & if you nurture them properly, the rest will follow.

As they say, “Life is a Journey”, & mine has certainly been one; from a very shy 15 year old living & working in Australia with little formal education & a variety of jobs & life trials in various remote locations & countries with many ups & downs over the years. None more so than Sept 11, 2001 which I used as a catalyst when dumped from a contract to gain an MBA in Australia, my first degree, working in hospitality jobs in London to survive, volunteering in Mexico working at Director level in Iraq (Baghdad, Kurdistan, Basrah); that despite the tragedy was an experience & adventure of several lifetimes & a business challenge that makes corporate issues in the “normal” world seem insignificant & completely out of perspective & context. Also in Ghana, Haiti, Panama, U.A.E & Equatorial Guinea. Off to Film & TV School in July 2015 & Beer School after that; re-invention as deemed too experienced & skills not relevant, lol.

Published articles, events & experiences outlined on ChimDingo website are written deeply from the heart with passion (“from my eyes” as they say in Iraq) & are based on personal & business happenings in various international locations. There are no Spin Doctors here, I am writing this myself !

ChimDingo website is a vehicle for the future. It’s about planning ahead, promoting & setting up activities that don’t present a conflict of interest with current commitments on the business side (Alternate Directions™) & pursuing personal dreams & activities (One Crazy Dream™) on the other. Presenting two facets on the website, a funky personal one & a traditional business one, is also seen as a way to reinforce the link between seeking Alternate Directions™ & exploring the connection between finding satisfaction in both aspects to prepare a more rounded & functioning individual. It’s also a vote of thanks to people who have assisted & inspired me over the years or simply been there to listen; you know who you are.

Enjoy ChimDingo website, I hope it helps to inspire you & I sincerely look forward to be able to assist you personally in the future when I am based full-time down in Latin America (or where I am based worldwide before then). Happy to answer questions in the interim.

My very best regards,

Brian Heath, President, ChimDingo Inc.

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