Ole! Welcome to ChimDingo personal section where we show you our crazy dreams, how they provide a channel to balance or enhance your work life & inspire you to undertake & accomplish your dreams. The people who have the craziest lives are the ones that sometimes make those life changing choices or just wing it to see what happens. You can be a shy person & still do this; it’s more about a state of mind & inner belief despite conventional thinking, family or cultural constraints. Personally I’m going to pursue my dream no matter how crazy anyone thinks it is; there is no greater motivator than someone saying you won’t or can’t do it! Hop to it!

ChimDingo is showing some pursuits they wish to explore with the intent of showing you, that if you put your spare time into activities that interest you in the private side of your life, you will feel more contented & this will motivate you more in your working years to be successful to fund these (work to live, not live to work) & later to maybe start your own businesses. If you’re motivated then you’re employer will also benefit; it’s a win/win. By yourself or with a partner you can achieve this without having a conflict of interest.

Someone once said to me – “You’ve had more changes in your life than any person I know”…now that is scary! When I thought about that though I realised that, yes, I had had an interesting life up to that point & maybe I should build on that & share those experiences with others. Most of all I want to be happy though. After some setbacks, staking everything on my education, making some risky choices & spending 2 years in Iraq, I’m on my way; you can be too.
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