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I’d just like to give you a brief account of my surf lifesaving experience. I was a very late starter in this & spent 3 seasons volunteering before leaving Australia. After I had laser eye surgery in New Zealand in 1987 & ended up back home in Australia in 2000 for the Olympics I joined Manly LSC.

This is an interesting story, I had to take a taxi ride from Manly & my driver was a surf club member. We got discussing rugby & also the surf club. I said I had always wanted to be a Surf Lifesaver & that’s how I ended up finally having the guts to have a go.

I would have to say that combined with my MBA at the time, this was one of those life defining (life saving) moments; it changed my life & my future. I also bulked up chest & shoulder wise from paddling boards! I was really humbled to receive the “Ray Leighton Inspirational Shield 2002 (Inspires Others by Deeds, Actions & Conduct)” as there were so many other deserving candidates. I met some wonderful people & had some great experiences through the surf club & their rugby club Savers & can highly recommend this worthy & healthy lifestyle choice.

Bear Cottage

Through Manly LSC I got involved with the cadets from the club & Bear Cottage which is a wonderful Children’s Hospice in the area that does amazing palliative care work with children.
This was very rewarding & a really good reality check about what is important in life.


In 2004 I traveled from London to Acapulco after doing an internet search for volunteer organisations as work wasn’t happening in London & it was a way to give back something to my Mexican friends from Australia & the Mexican people of Oaxaca who looked after me in hospital on a previous visit.

I spent some time & donated some funds via CWL to assist orphans & street kids in Penjamo at "Campamento De Niños Huerfanos Por La Guerra Sucia En Penjamo” (Camp of Orphan Children by the Dirty War). This gave me a good insight into the difficulties of charity work & trust in this region & how to better do things myself in the future. I met a wonderful Mexican friend & his family & other generous people via this adventure.


Of course because of the security situation here it is impossible to do anything directly yourself. I have just tried to help the local children in our street perimeter with any small thing I can.

I have seen other acts of generosity from both expatriate & Iraqi sides.

New Zealand

Christchurch Earthquake 2011 I quit my job in Haiti & travelled back (thanks to Air New Zealand special earthquake fare) to assist some family there & provide moral support. It was the right thing to do. Good to see my boys & brother. Luckily they were relatively lightly affected so I volunteered with the Farmy Army & on my own, digging smelly liquefaction silt & mud out of people’s gardens & off streets. I was also lucky enough to attend the great memorial service in Hagley Park.

I think the mayor Bob Parker did a great job throughout & so many other people gave of their time, spirit & generosity. Kia Kaha!



ChimDingo was extremely pleased to able to donate & assist friends once again, to organise Christmas gifts & food for the local children in Rambalita, Bocas Province, many of whom are Nobe Bugle, for the 3rd year running. The initial 25 children has grown to 120.

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